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Don’t let transaction fees eat into your hard-earned profits

3dcart vs. Transaction fee based providers

3dcart is committed to our merchants’ success, which is why we don’t penalize store owners for having a successful business. Many hosting providers not only require a monthly fee, but also charge a transaction fee on every sale, sometimes up to 7%! With this type of fee structure, most successful stores have monthly bills in excess of $1,000.00, but are hesitant to switch shopping carts in fear that their search engine rankings and sales will suffer, or that it will be too difficult to do so.


Benefits of using 3dcart

3dcart will never charge…

  • Minimal monthly cost starting at $9.99/month
  • Over 18 years providing eCommerce solutions.
  • Flexible plans with plenty of bandwidth and unlimited storage.
  • Easy to Use & Customize.
  • No Transaction Fees.
  • 24/7 Free Tech Support.
  • VISA PCI Certified Security.

3dcart vs. other transaction fee based providers

3dcart Vs the Competition


As a Shopify customer, you’ll encounter a 0.5%-2% transaction fee for using external payment gateways on top of your payment processor’s specified fee – a startling realization that many customers are unaware of at signup.


Amazon may be a large marketplace, but the program’s outrageous costs leave most sellers barely breaking even. Amazon sellers incur a referral fee, closing fee, and a $0.99 flat fee for every sale.

Yahoo Stores

Hefty transaction fees, which ranged from 0.75% to 1.5%, plagued countless Yahoo store owners.


Nexternal pricing is only available by quote for a reason: high costs for little substance.


If there’s a business that defines nickel and diming, it’s eBay, charging countless fees that eat into a seller’s hard-earned profits.


In addition to a $0.20 listing fee per product, Etsy charges users a 3.5% transaction fee on top of their payment processing fees.


Unless you use Forune3’s payment processor, you’ll be charged a 1% transaction fee.


Limited 6-days-a-week support and transaction fees are among a few of Zoovy’s common customer complaints.

3dcart is the most complete eCommerce solution

Installation Setup
  • Complete online store & website solution
  • No programming necessary
  • Automatic image scaling
  • Toll-Free support at 1-800-828-6650
  • FREE domain transfer and registration
  • Free store templates
  • Existing website migration
  • Bulk product imports and exports
  • Paypal website payments pro
  • No graphic design necessary
  • Single and bath image upload
  • Import existing products and customers

All the marketing tools you need and want

Give your store the edge it needs to thrive with the industry’s most advanced marketing tools. 3dcart store owners have access to a plethora of free features proven to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction: convert shoppers into lifelong customers with promotions and coupons, gift cards, or an affiliate program. Take your store a step further and inspire loyalty with a Reward Points Program and targeted email marketing, which will allow you to deliver timed, customized emails for maximum results.

Growing your business is easy with the help of 3dcart’s advanced SEO tools and social media integration. Sell on Facebook, get your items pinned on Pinterest, and allow customers to easily share your products and promotions with Social Bookmarking.

As a 3dcart store owner, you’ll have access to all the marketing tools you need to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Store Design

Professionally designed, gorgeous eCommerce themes

Converting a visitor into a shopper is a tough feat, particularly when you consider that a customer will spend a mere 5 seconds on your website before determining whether they’d like to take their business elsewhere.

3dcart’s selection of beautiful responsive themes allows you to create a professional, alluring website in just seconds, without any need for programming. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated, edgy, chic, elegant, rustic, or bold, 3dcart’s growing theme selection is guaranteed to meet the needs of the most demanding store owners.

Looking to personalize your store even further? With full access to the HTML and CSS of your online store, you have complete creative control over the look and feel of every facet of your storefront. Enjoy the freedom to edit templates however you see fit, either through FTP or your browser.

Customize the design of your store with a growing selection of the greatest built-in features: Quick Design Bar, QuickView, Recently Viewed Items, Single Page Checkout, Homepage Carousel, and much more


Track your business’s success

Review your business’s activity with 3dcart’s in-depth reports, which allow you to glean the necessary insight needed to grow, expand and develop your store.

3dcart automatically compiles data and statistics crucial to your business’s success. From your Online Store Manager, access reports related to:

  • Business
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Payment & Shipping
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Statistics

As a 3dcart store owner, you’ll always know where your business is thriving and where improvements may be needed.


Streamlined control of your products

Easily manage your products and online store with our attractive, user-friendly web-based interface. Create, edit and manage your products how you see fit, with the ability to divide your products into as many categories as needed.

3dcart store owners have access to a rich selection of features and tools that make selling online fun and easy: increase sales by upselling and cross-selling, add a waiting list, a wish list, sell digital products, and secure customer trust with Product Q&A and product reviews.

As a 3dcart store owner, you’ll be able to captivate your visitors’ interest by bringing your products to life through multiple product images, dynamic zoom, and video. For products available in different variations like size or color, simply use 3dcart’s Product Options feature.

3dcart’s streamlined UI design and growing selection of the industry’s most advanced product features ensures your store will be equipped with everything it needs to succeed.


Process orders quickly and easily

As a 3dcart store owner, you won’t have to waste precious hours processing orders. From your Online Store Manager, you can quickly process orders, bulk print orders, print shipping labels, and edit orders as shipped. You’ll also be able to handle returns, take phone orders, and setup customer groups for customized pricing.

If you’d like to take your store to the next level, you can easily build a drop shipping empire with 3dcart’s built-in drop shipping feature. Optionally increase efficiency and improve productivity with our QuickBooks integration, which will allow you to sync all of your 3dcart orders and inventory with QuickBooks desktop automatically.

3dcart’s industry-praised, enterprise level order management system is designed to help your business grow and expand with absolute ease. Utilize powerful tools such as 3dcart’s built-in reports, Customer Relationship Module, FraudWatch, and eBay and Amazon Order Integration for maximum control of your online store.


Everything you need to ship with ease and efficiency

3dcart provides store owners with all the shipping features they need and want, without any hassle or additional cost.

Integrating with your preferred Shipping Carrier Services is simple with 3dcart. Show customers real-time shipping rates from major carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and Canada Post, for free, regardless of your selected 3dcart Plan.

Need to configure flat-rate shipping? That’s possible too. 3dcart allows you to offer rates based on order weight, item quantity, zip code, or total order value, so that you can customize your shipping however and whenever needed.

Offer free shipping through a promotion, a custom shipping method, or on the product itself. Optionally limit free shipping to your store’s domestic shipping area, and control how your rates will appear to customers with advanced shipping settings.

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