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How to Sell Stock Photography Online

If you want to make a living in photography, maintaining an active, insightful shutter is only part of how you do it. Learning how to sell stock photography online is the other part of it. It’s an incredibly important part of it, in fact. The only way to make money off of your photos is to sell them effectively, and that requires a strong digital presence.

So how do you get your stock photography website up and running? Remember, you’ll be creating a business. That means you can enlist other photographers to get involved, too. But, in order to sell photos effectively, you’ll need to get started with a strong shopping cart technology.

1. Organize a team of photographers.

2. Find the right shopping cart to handle your sales.

You want to keep an organized presence for your business, right? The best way to do that is find an ecommerce platform that allows you to take payments, maintain your website and manage your store, all from the same platform.

3. Create a licensing program for your copyrighted images.

For this part of creating your store, you may want to speak with an attorney. After all, copyright law is no walk in the park. Still, you’ll need a licensing program that clearly defines how people and businesses can use your photos in exchange for money. Without this, it’ll be tough to track how people use your photos.

4. Design a user-friendly website that’s easy to search.

A shopping cart software like 3dcart gives you the ability to easily design an intuitive website, complete with unique elements you can use to create a fresh, compelling brand. As you learn how to sell stock photography online , you’ll understand the importance of a strong brand.

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