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How to Sell School Supplies Online

If you’re a parent, you understand how much simpler shopping for the beginning of the school year is when you don’t have to fight the crowds. As a result, many retailers are seeing the advantage of learning how to sell school supplies online. If you’re an expert on school supplies—a parent, teacher or administrator, for instance—you have a gigantic opportunity to take part in a multibillion-dollar market.

Beat the back-to-school blues with great online pricing and promote steady business growth throughout the school year. Even the summer is a great time to do business, with summer school students and parents looking to hop on deals. Take a look at some more tips below to learn how to sell school supplies online.

1. Learn more about your audience.

Trying to define your audience in this market is tricky. Sure, the end user is a child. But who does the shopping? The parents make the ultimate purchase decisions. Who helps the children navigate the website more often, Mom or Dad? You can find the answers to these questions through calculated research. Only then can you know how to effectively sell to your audience. It’s just a part of learning how to sell school supplies online.

2. Choose a catchy name.

When you know enough about your audience, you can use that knowledge to come up with a catchy name for your online store. Some of the best brand names come from made-up words, so be original. Still, make sure you’re appealing to your audience.

3. Work with a distribution partner.

To find ecommerce success, it’s important to work with the right suppliers. For school supplies, you have plenty of options. Some examples include Dollar Days, Wholesale Central, Gramco School Supplies and Craft Hobby Wholesale. Find a reliable partner and open a communication channel with them to learn how to sell school supplies online the right way.

Remember to take pricing into account, as your entire business model depends on it. Work with a distributor that will give you good prices on bulk purchases so you can work on a strong profit margin when selling directly to the consumer.

4. Get started with the right software.

Not every shopping cart software is the right choice for your store. Careful research is required when choosing an ecommerce software provider. For instance, does your software empower you with tools to easily launch promotions during “back to school” months? If you plan to deal directly with schools, can you set up an easy discount portal for bulk purchases? Does your software integrate directly with fulfillment and drop-ship providers? These questions and more are important to ask as you choose the right software solution.

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