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How to Sell Crafts Online

Interested in learning how to sell crafts online? If you have a hand for crafts, you could be using that talent to launch your very own online business. While it requires some hard work, it isn’t quite as difficult to figure out as you might have guessed. The ecommerce industry has exploded into a trillion-dollar market and is expected to grow significantly larger by 2015.

You don’t need much tech experience to get started. Of course, a bit of business experience might help. In the end, the most important thing is some knowledge of the crafting industry and the will to work hard and succeed. Need some help getting started? Check out some tips below on how to sell crafts online.

1. Figure out what products you want to sell.

Choosing high quality brands to represent in your stores in a key part of how you draw in high quality shoppers. What products do you want to sell in your store? Major brands like Elmer’s may be your best bet if you want to represent recognized products.

2. Find a unique way to position your store.

You’re a craft store with a proud brand. In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, it’s crucial to create a unique brand that helps your store stand out from the rest. It should take your audience into account. Choose an original name and hire a professional designer to create your logo. Then, choose a layout template that best matches your new brand.

3. Create product sets for making specific craft types.

As you learn how to sell crafts online, you’ll understand the power of creating product sets. You can draw in customers by creating step-by-step guides for certain projects. Then, you can lead those customers to the product bundles they’ll need to take the project on themselves.

Product sets are a great way to up your average order value and give your customers some direction when they visit the site—especially if they are amateur crafters.

4. Cash out with the right shopping cart.

A crucial part of planning your store is choosing the right foundation to build upon. Your online store will only be as strong as your software, so put some serious thought into this part of the process. As you learn how to sell crafts online, you’ll understand the important of partnering with an established ecommerce brand backed by a large customer base.

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