Affirm Monthly Payments

Offering simple monthly payments with Affirm boosts conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty

75% Average Order Value Lift

  • Affirm gives your customers more spending power—by enabling them to buy what they want today and pay over time. Our partners see an AOV lift of 75% on average.

Grow Revenue per Visitor by 10%+

  • With Affirm on your site, more people buy—and they buy more. In A/B tests with a sample of our partners, revenue per visitor increased by 10% or more.

20% Conversion Lift

  • Affirm reduces sticker shock and puts your items within the reach of more consumers. In third-party A/B tests with a sample of our partners, conversion increased by up to 20%.

+72 Net Promoter Score

  • Affirm is transparent, easy to use, and optimized for mobile—and our customers love it. We boast a Net Promoter Score of +72.

Get an Affirm account

3dcart users, follow these steps:
Step1. Sign up for a Affirm Account
Step 2. Activate Affirm on your 3dcart store