How to Build A Custom Shirts Ecommerce Website

Some people would give the shirts off their backs to be entrepreneurs. But you certainly won’t have to if you’re considering learning how to build build a custom shirts website. The web is a great place to sell customized merchandise like t-shirts. People buy shirts for timely events like festivals, elections, and holidays. They like showing off their favorite bands, movies, and TV shows. Clever shirts, retro shirts, colorful shirts -- you name it and people are into it.

There’ll always be a market for shirts. If you’re thinking about starting your first online business, learning how to build a custom shirts website might be the way to go. You don’t have to be super technical to get your store up and running online, either. All you need is a helping hand.

We’re happy to get you started. Take a look at a few tips below.

Find software thatmeets your needs

Technology makes complicated processes simple for small business owners who are less technically-minded. Ecommerce suites that have been on the market for a long time usually have the most comprehensive toolsets possible for today’s online store. You’ll want easy color swatch options so customers can choose colors and strong built-in options for letting your buyers customize their shirts without getting too confused.

Get a printingpartner

As you learn how to build a custom shirts website, it’s important to research potential on-demand shirt printing partners (assuming you don’t have a shirt printing operation set up already). Your printing partner should be reliable and efficient and able to integrate with your order processing system.

Set up an option for bulk sales

Your business must be able to handle bulk orders for bachelorette parties, softball teams, corporate events, day camps, birthdays, marathons, and other group events where custom shirts are popular.

Make it easy for people to pay

As we’ve gotten used to shopping online, people have grown comfortable with the way they tend to pay for things, whether via credit card or a popular digital payment processor. As you learn how to build a custom shirts website, you’ll notice that people like having options when it comes to paying for stuff. You can configure your options in your software’s backend.

Choose how you want to ship your shirts

Finally, you’ll need to choose a strong shipping partner, someone reliable who will make sure to deliver your orders on time. You’ll want to set up an integration so your order processing system feeds straight to the shipping provider.