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The real cost of 3dcart vs. the real cost of PhotoShelter

Everything you need to sell online vs. a basic eCommerce solution

A photographer needs more than a few gimmicky image tools to professionally sell and market their portfolio. Since Photoshelter is a glorified file hosting service, customers have access to barebones eCommerce tools that make selling prints a challenge. And with transaction fees that range from a whopping 8%-30%, it can be hard to break even, let alone make a profit.

With 3dcart, you’ll have everything you need to easily setup, manage, and market your portfolio, with our least expensive plan offering more features and tools than PhotoShelter’s top-of-the-line plan. Best of all, 3dcart charges no transaction fees, so you can earn more with every print sold.

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3dcart vs. PhotoShelter functionality comparison

An innovative shopping cart platform vs. a simple cart

sad emojiTheme selection

PhotoShelter offers only 14 themes, of which only 4 are responsive, making it hard to create an online store that reflects your unique style as an artist. 3dcart offers more than 100+ gorgeous responsive themes, and allows full access to the base code, so that you can easily control the look and feel of your online store.

sad emojiTransaction fees

PhotoShelter charges a hefty 8%-30% transaction fee on top of every sale, which can severely cut into your profits. With 3dcart, you’ll never be charged a transaction fee, regardless of your selected plan or preferred payment gateways. We want you to succeed, and we’re not about to penalize you for doing so.

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“As a photographer, I thought it made perfect sense to use PhotoShelter to sell my work. But the cart portion just feels tacked on. 3dcart is what I needed – a real online store.”

– Ex-PhotoShelter customer

sad emojiLimited storage

Professional photographers need a ton of space to hold their high-quality files. If you have a massive database of images, you’ll want to think twice about PhotoShelter, who severely limits their storage space. 3dcart lets you upload however many files you need. Unlimited storage makes for unlimited possibilities.

Maintain control of your business

3dcart gives you the tools and freedom to manage your store how you see fit

3dcart: Freedom to choose your payment provider

3dcart payment options

3dcart supports more payment solutions than any other eCommerce platform. See a full list of payment providers here.

PhotoShelter: Limited payment options

Photoshelter payment options

PhotoShelter supports only two payment options: PayPal and Stripe. You can optionally integrate with a merchant account, which cost a $100 setup fee, $20-$30/monthly fee, and a transaction fee that will be applied on top of PhotoShelter’s 8%-30% fee.

Beautiful responsive themes to help you professionally market your photographs

Create a gorgeous online store that reflects your unique style

PhotoShelter’s minimal theme selection (14) means little creative control over the look and feel of your online store. With 3dcart, you’ll have access to 100+ stunning responsive themes created by world-renowned designers, allowing you to easily create a beautiful, customizable online store. Whether you’re looking for something bold, minimalist, classic, edgy, rustic, or elegant, 3dcart’s theme store has what you’re looking for. And with full access to your store’s HTML and CSS, you can customize every facet of your storefront for a truly memorable shopping experience.

Enterprise-level features available with every plan

3dcart offers the most advanced features to subscribers of every plan

A robust & scalable solution vs. a basic plugin

With out-of-the box features that adapt to complex business needs

Don’t lose all the hard work you’ve put into populating your shopping cart. Learn how easy it is to migrate your online store.

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